Sunday, February 22, 2009

BIG EAST/Big Ten Entering Final Stretch

It appears that Seton Hall did in fact hold on to defeat Penn State (1-0) ... and thus the Pirates helped keep alive the BIG EAST's slim hopes to post more wins than the Big Ten in this first-ever Challenge event.

Assuming the SHU win, the Big Ten now holds an 11-8 lead – meaning that the BIG EAST would need to sweep the final five games to claim "victory" at this event.

One of those five remaining games should be over (or close to it), as UConn and Northwestern are playing in a game without live-stats.

Here is the status of the other four games (all schedule to start at 1:00, but some appear to be delayed):

West Virginia 3, Illinois 0 (heading to bottom of 1st)
Michigan 2, St. John's 0 (SJU batting in bottom of 2nd)
Indiana vs. South Florida (delayed start)
Purdue vs. Notre Dame (began a few minutes ago)

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