Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Who's Still Unbeaten?

It's a given in college baseball that everyone's going to lose at some point. That's the nature of a 56-game schedule with mid-week games. Some teams have already started playing games in the fall to avoid too many pitching-taxing mid-week match-ups (another topic for another day).

I guess it really should be no surprise that the season isn't even a week old, and Arizona State (5-0) is the only unbeaten team remaining in the Pac 10. A glance at the Boyd's World preseason strength of schedule report (the SOS page on our web site) shows the Pac-10 has the five toughest schedules in the nation as well as ten of the top twenty toughest slates. Meanwhile, the seventeen teams that combine to make-up the Big West and West Coast Conferences all have schedules that are among the forty toughest in the land. With all these teams playing each other someone has to lose.

In any case, here's a look at the remaining unbeaten teams in Divsion One baseball. (Only teams that have played are on this list. There are still a handful of teams that await their season openers.)

Coming tomorrow: Weekend Match-ups to watch.

Records as of 9:40 am Eastern Time Wednesday, February 25.

Boston College (4-0)
Clemson (3-0)
Florida State (4-0)
Wake Forest (5-0)
Virginia (5-0)
Richmond (4-0)
Campbell (4-0)
E. Tennessee St. (3-0)
Michigan (4-0)
Ohio St. (3-0)
Oklahoma (5-0)
Oklahoma State (4-0)
Texas (5-0)
Texas A&M (5-0)
Winthrop (4-0)
George Mason (4-0)
UNC-Wilmington (4-0)
East Carolina (3-0)
Southern Mississippi (4-0)
Valparaiso (2-0)
Northern Colorado (4-0)
Rider (2-0)
Delaware State (3-0)
Kent State (3-0)
Arizona State (5-0)
Florida (4-0)
Georgia (4-0)
South Carolina (3-0)
LSU (3-0)
Georgia Southern (4-0)
Western Carolina (3-0)
Lamar (5-0)
McNeese St. (4-0)
Oral Roberts (3-0)
Middle Tenn. St. (4-0)
Western Kentucky (1-0)
Alcorn State (3-0)
Louisiana Tech (3-0)
New Mexico State (3-0)
San Jose State (4-0)

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